Harris Health System Visits Common Thread

On November 12th,  Jennifer Buck and her assistant, Kathy Walker, paid a visit to the Common Thread Circle meeting at Memorial Drive United Methodist Church.  We deliver our heart-shaped comfort pillows, our little stuffed animal “critters” and our other handmade items regularly to the Harris Health Systems at Ben Taub Hospital in the Med Center.  They then distribute them to their patients at their many facilities around the Houston area.  Kathy thanked everyone and  shared with our members how much their patients appreciate the love and work that goes into the handmade items. They shared two messages they had received.

From Jackie Ryan, Ambulatory Care Nurse Manager:  “The pillows help comfort our children during lab draws and immunizations.  The pillows also bring smiles when we give the pillows to families as a token of appreciation for choosing us as their health care providers. When the children take the pillows and hold them close, it just warms our heart.  We really appreciate them and so do our families.”

From Daphna Williams, LVN, Healthcare for the Homeless:  ” I just want you and the donor sewing group to know what a delight the beautiful pillows are to the women and children here at the Star of Hope Cornerstone facility.  Actually the ladies enjoy the pillows more than the children.  I call the pillows ‘the loving hearts.’  The gifts are greatly appreciated by all who receive them. The pillows put smiles on the faces and brighten up their living spaces.”






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