New handcrafted items from the  Common Thread Circle

This owl is the latest addition to our handcrafts.






Heart Pillows

Our large and small heart pillows are useful for patients recovering from heart, chest, or abdominal surgeries. The large hearts are used as a cough pillow during respiration therapy. Breast cancer patients can cradle their arm on the pillow and prevent rubbing against an incision. All patients can use them for back support and comfort.

We make both large and small heart pillows and select appropriate fabrics such as that used for breast cancer patients.

Teddy Bears

Our soft and cuddly bears are given to pediatric patients to bring joy to children recovering from illness or surgery.

These durable bears are soft and cuddly, and children can carry them in all areas of each hospital.

Knit Hats and Scarves

Our scarves and adult hats bring style and warmth to patients.

Stuffed Toys (we call them our “Critters”)

These plush and comforting toys offer a relief from boredom and a gentle friend to children in hospitals.

Therapy Dolls 

The “therapy dolls” prepare children for their surgery or treatments. A nurse or doctor can draw on the doll, explaining a procedure, and then the doll can be personalized by the child.

Wheelchair Catch-alls

When the patient is unable to hold records or personal effects in their lap, a wheelchair catch-all keeps track of their belongings and lets their caretaker focus on pushing the wheelchair.

Walker Catch-All

For patients who use walkers, these catch-alls let them carry medical records and personal effects without using their hands.

Tote Bags

Patients can use our canvas tote bags to carry their records as they go to tests and appointments in the various units of larger hospitals.


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